movie IT

December 12th, 2015

In the movies, every confidential database is protected by a full screen GUI login.

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December 10th, 2015

There was a time when I wrote it all down. I dont know why I dont do that anymore, really.

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Its my hair. Not yours.

October 30th, 2015

After a dozen years of having dreadlocks, it is suddenly popular to call me out as a racist for it. The ‘activists’ who are doing this have been given explicit license to disregard my feelings about my identity in this, so nothing I say is allowed, or accepted.

Fuck you, bully. If you cannot have a conversation with me as a human, without implying I am a racist before the conversation even begins, then fuck you. Nothing in your culture war justifies treating people poorly. I am not oppressing you, I just have a hairstyle that is suddenly unpopular. I am fine with having conversations about it, but I don’t talk to anyone about anything if they treat me like shit.

I have dreadlocks for reasons that have nothing at all to do with black culture. If you cared to ask, it is my statement against white beauty standards perpetrated by a media that say as a white woman I must have long straight hair. For the last twelve years Ive made this statement, and never once was I called a racist. Ive had black people come up and admire my dreads, but not one was ever offended enough to say anything to me.

Black people didn’t just wake up this year, nor did they just now find their voice – black people have been fighting angrily and loudly for their rights and proper consideration for much longer than I have had dreads, and I have always supported that. My hair has nothing to do with it, however.

I am not even certain how dreadlocks became a ‘black’ hairstyle in the first place, other that it was made popular by Rastafarians, who are black. Every humans hair, regardless of race or color, can and will turn into dreadlocks simply by not brushing it anymore. That is all I really did to start mine.

The notion that I somehow get a free pass for being a white woman with dreadlocks is fucking ridiculous. I have been rejected for jobs and dates. I have been harassed in public many, many times; “wash your hair bitch!”, “wheres the weed at?”, “you would look much prettier without dreads”. Don’t think for a moment I have it easier somehow; I don’t, but the narrative being sold by cultural activists doesn’t allow for this reality. Somehow, I am a ‘magic whitey’ that gets to do whatever I want with my hair without consequence – which of course is bullshit. Maybe rich and famous Miley Cyrus can get away with that, but not any dreadlock wearing mamma Ive ever met.

Your outrage over my hairstyle and complete lack of regard for my identity and life only serves to lower you to the same level as your oppressors. You know, the ones that actually do real harm to people by dismissing their life struggles and feelings in favor of conformity to standards.

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December 23rd, 2013

Dogecoin: D6eenJ5cBaPHfyxSwDsrMiLrsT7X5uQWeC

No please, DOGE is too much. Bitcoin is just fine. BTC: 1LygTMQ1daScDcBG4yYssS8fQfTQswsdtr

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F U G+

December 2nd, 2013

I have finally reached a point in the house fixing that I can stop, and we will be warm for the winter. This is good, because winter will be here tomorrow.

I was preparing to start making videos again, and I have a few ideas about what I would like to do, but fking Google+ is confusing and difficult, and what the hell does Google+ have to do with YouTube? That is what I wonder as well, but there is no choice about it – you have to use it to have a YouTube channel now. To me, its a pretty transparently desperate attempt to force people onto their service, an action I find pretty despicable. If I wanted to use Google+ I would, but it has a ridiculously inconsistent management interface, and trying to layer YouTube in with it makes it much worse.

Google appears to be strangling YouTube a la AOL; perhaps it is a symptom of being too huge and stagnant, being driven by policy decisions instead of technological solutions. Regardless, its turning me off of making videos, and that blows.

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