December 23rd, 2013

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No please, DOGE is too much. Bitcoin is just fine. BTC: 1LygTMQ1daScDcBG4yYssS8fQfTQswsdtr

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F U G+

December 2nd, 2013

I have finally reached a point in the house fixing that I can stop, and we will be warm for the winter. This is good, because winter will be here tomorrow.

I was preparing to start making videos again, and I have a few ideas about what I would like to do, but fking Google+ is confusing and difficult, and what the hell does Google+ have to do with YouTube? That is what I wonder as well, but there is no choice about it – you have to use it to have a YouTube channel now. To me, its a pretty transparently desperate attempt to force people onto their service, an action I find pretty despicable. If I wanted to use Google+ I would, but it has a ridiculously inconsistent management interface, and trying to layer YouTube in with it makes it much worse.

Google appears to be strangling YouTube a la AOL; perhaps it is a symptom of being too huge and stagnant, being driven by policy decisions instead of technological solutions. Regardless, its turning me off of making videos, and that blows.

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Island Life

October 12th, 2013

Its been a busy summer. Lets see if I can recap.

We managed to get moved to WA, into my fathers old house. I promptly spent all my savings fixing it up to be liveable, as it was in pretty terrible shape. Lots of spackle and paint everywhere, new bathroom cabinets and fixtures, and then there was the kitchen. The floor had a 4 inch drop from one side to the other, so I had to find someone to jack it up and fix the foundation, which I did (and still owe on). Then all new cabinets and counters, tearing out mold and rot and patching the walls and floors as I went. Brand new stove, as the old one had one burner working sort of, and so much grease I was scared it would spontaneously combust. New back door in the laundry room, as the old one was basically less solid than an interior door, and repairing more floor rot there as well. New insulation everywhere I could stuff it.

So now we are moved in, and things are settled enough that we can focus on day to day things again. There is more work to do on the house, but I am out of money, so I am looking for work. There is a lot of work in the city, but I have to commute across a ferry to get to it, so I have been looking for off hours and remote opportunities, but the pickingsĀ  are slim. I have had a couple great interviews, so hopefully something will come up soon.

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Moving Plan

May 1st, 2013
Moving to WA Plan initiated!
The house is on the market, and is being shown almost daily. We are just waiting for someone to make an offer!
Rental truck with everything we want to move, towing my pickup, reserved for the first week of June. I am driving them to WA, then flying back to TX.
Then we are driving the bus to WA towing Ma’ams car, leaving when the moment is right.
I am going to have Drive a Vu (didnt I just drive this way?) :)
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Search decoys and chaff

April 14th, 2013

Google assumes that every search, every page load made by you is legitimate. Why wouldnt it be? People dont randomly search and browse for things not vaguely related to their interests.

This assumption can be used against them. As you cannot use the internet anymore and completely avoid Googles intrusive prying algorithms, a tool needs to be made to render the data meaningless. To this end, I propose a method that essentially floods Google with garbage data every time it tries to monitor your activity. Make a search? The tool would also invisibly (to you) send a large number of unrelated queries. What did you really search for? Who can tell when you appear to have made a hundred queries at once. Every page load Google tries to monitor would flood them with many other unrelated page loads. Which one of the hundred sites did you actually visit? No way to know.

It wouldnt take very long for Google to be inundated with meaningless data regarding you. While I have no illusion this would strain their capacity, it would also significantly increase their load.

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